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Books Available

Golgotha Rediscovered

  • This is a short essay concerning the place where Jesus was crucified. The book itself is presently being written.
  • If you wish to partake in the book, I am presently looking for people to help me in making the pictures of his crucifixion. This includes playing roles, making costumes, decoration and using make-up.

I want to help with the pictures

Map of Temple area to Red Heifer sacrificial place

  • This is a map showing all the parts of the Temple, Golgotha and the Red Heifer sacrificial place. Hundreds of references are included.

The Mystery of the Red Heifer Revealed - Book I

  • This book deals with the mysteries related to the sacrifice of the Red Heifer.

Coming soon: The Mystery of the Red Heifer Revealed - Book II

  • The second book deals with great mysteries about the sprinkling of the water and the full immersion in the Mikwahs. Many of these mysteries have been unknown ever since the LORD spoke to Moses concerning this statute! Yet they are vital for the purification of his Church and the future of his  chosen people, the Jewish nation.




MP3 Apostolic teachings.

As I first became a disciple, I received much apostolic teaching from Jim Durkin, who I could truly call my Father in the LORD. He gave himself to hundreds of young men and woman, that they might be disciples and preach the Gospel to the ends of the world.

For this reason I have a few excerpts from the hundreds of teachings I was able to receive from him, which both inspired me and instructed me in living as a whole hearted disciple of Jesus. (Music and excerpts taken by Evangelist Francis Anfuso)

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